Diamond HD 5770 w/ egg shaped cover?

I was just offered an HD 5770 for $100(lightly used). I figured it would be an excellent improvement over my current HD 4650.

However I cannot seem to locate the model, every card I have seen so far has not had the egg shaped cover around the heatsink and fan. Can anyone date this card?

It is a Diamond Radeon HD 5770 w/ 1024MB GDDR5
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  1. I believe the egg shaped cooler was the first reference cooler model. ATI changed the ref cooler shortly after the launch. Anyhow, since then the AIBs have moved pretty much completely to use their own cooler designs.

    Should be good enough cooler, so no worries there...

    edit: or was it a 5750??
    5750 uses an egg shaped cooler:

    I'm not so sure anymore whether the 5770 ever had an egg shaped cooler or not... or were they first going to launch the 5770 with the same cooler than the 5750, but changed it before the actual lauch...
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    Its just a standard 5770, the Egg shaped cooler is pretty common, but like you i havent seen it on a Diamond card yet.

  3. Ok, since I made my post I found a thread here that explained things for me....There is no difference in the card hardware just that the first cooler design was changed to the 'eggshaped' cooler.

    Since I will have a fan blowing on the card there will be nothing wrong with buying it, so I guess I answered my own question :ange: .

    Here is a link to the guy who is selling it(there are pictures):
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