Chip fan fail, CPU fan fail and no display!!!

Hello, my boyfriend turned his computer on this morning to discover an error warning that his chip fan was too slow/failed.

It is an Asus fan which I have noticed has a rather high rate of failure. He built the computer himself a couple years ago and it isn't under warantee. we can't afford expensive repairs and definitely can't afford a new computer. I'm typing this on my laptop with is also on it's last legs.

His chip fan still turns, we were going to get some compressed air to blow it out with to see if it helped any.

Then it got even worse. He turned it on again and the screen was totally black, no display at all. it isn't showing anything, it just makes this beep like a flat-lining hospital patient.

To top it off, after trying to resurrect the screen for the last 10 minutes he's noticed the CPU fan isn't going either.

What's happening here? Is there any way we can fix it? Help?!!!
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  1. Sounds like the inside of the case is likely very dusty. Clean it out with compressed air and see if you can get the fans turning. The video card also has its own fan, make to clean it along with the chipset, CPU, and case fans. Blow out the power supply as well.

    Check back afterward to see where you are. Good luck!
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