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I am looking for a motherboard that uses less power than the Intel desktop board D510MO. My watt meter tells me the board, SSD and power supply use 32 watts when surfing the internet. My HP TM2 laptop uses 23 watts in similar use. The laptop performance is equal to my desktop. Where do I buy components that use less power like my laptop?
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  1. A huh? how do you get the board power usage? 32W is low for a D510 board as you're considering in the CPU also.

    The fact is, 32W is low enough, as laptop parts are different compared to desktop parts as it is optimized towards efficiency rather than performance. Why do you need it lower?
  2. And I thought getting 39-45(I5 750 under-volted + 4350 video on a m-itx board) watts idle out of my media center was good(54-59 with a 5770 video card)....Beats my desktops 144 watts idle.

    You may be able to shave a small amount of power savings with a low wattage(250-300, lower if you can find a good one) high efficiency power supply.
    You may also save some power by disabling any onboard devices that you do not need on the board. Undervolting may be an option if the board supports it. Make sure all power save options(Speedstep,C1E ect) are on in the bios and windows(balanced or power save).
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