NEED HELP ASAP!! AMD 1090T + Asus Crosshair IV

Ok, so i started this build over a week ago and i barely got everything over this weekend. Everything is plugged in to the correct spots but the system wont boot up. This is my first build but i read all the directions and such to get this thing going the right way.

Component list:

CM Storm Scout Case
Asus Crosshair IV Motherboard
AMD phenom II 1090T processor
Patriot Viper DDR3 1333mhz 2x2GB Memory
Temporary Video card - Radeon x300
Corsair hx850 Power Supply
Corsair H50 ALC cpu cooler
Kingston V-Series 64GB SSD
Lite-On DVD burner drive

I cant tell what the problem is but all i can say is when i flip the PS switch on the motherboard lights up. I hit the power button from the case and the start button on the mobo and it doesnt boot up. None of the fans n led turn on from the case when the ps is switch on.. only the motherboard is giving led and thats only from the start buttons and go button. Asus IV suppose to have led indicating all the components voltage but none of the LEDs are on so my guess might be bad mobo?

Also i bought my CPU & memory from Frys and they have a 15day return policy and thats 2 days from the beginning of this post! Please help me ASAP Thanks
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  1. ^Yea, i plug that in.. and its a 8plug. still didnt turn on
  2. why are you pressing both the buttons, on the case and on the mobo just press one of them.
  3. ^ Why are you posting useless information??

    You press the front button to test if the case cables are working correctly.. if it doesnt turn on then press the mobo start button..

  4. What about the power switch cable on the motherboard? Had mine the wrong way round and didnt work (as the in tiny cable from the power button to the motherboard)

    If failing that, Maybe dead motherboard/PSU if nothing starts up..
  5. Or try taking all power off the mother board and just use the 20/24 MB Power cable and CPU cable and test that way..
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