Got a TINY amount of thermal compound on the bottom of the CPU

So I managed to bend the pins on the bottom of my 1055T as I was cleaning it (replacing heatsink), and as I was bending them back, I must've gotten a little bit of compound onto my fingers, because I accidentally got a bit on 5 or 6 pins. I used some rubbing alcohol and cleaned as much off as possible, but looking at it ni the light, I can still see that the pins are dark / black from the AS5.

I plugged it in, booted up, running 15 passes of intel burn test.
Anyway, what are the chances that this will come back to bite me in the ass? There is no way to further get the thermal compound off.

Also - there is no bridge of compound between the pins, so it's not going to short it out that way. The compound is at the very tip of the pins.
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  1. I don't believe there are any issues. I can't see any, anyway.
  2. Soft toothbrush or small paintbrush. Soak the bristles in isopropyl alcohol and gently brush the pins until they are clean.
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