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My internal drives are fine. I have a couple of drives from other machines, which I have pulled out, and I'm trying to read the data. I have a usb kit, I plug in the power and attach the power to the drive and attached the usb cable to a usb port. Not recogized in disk management.

I hear data recovery companies can access the data. How exactly do they do this? How can they "read" the drive? i assume they plug a cable into the thing and power it down just like I was doing. Or, is that not how that access the data? Do they take it apart and use some other tool to access it? What kind of tools are they if this is the case? I have 2 drives and I want to get te data on them and I'd like to know how to "do it myself" without incurring a steep charge.
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  1. U could try to install the HDD as internal drive (not using USB extension) and see if it detected...

    but that may void some warranty so double check before doing it...

    If it detected and fine when run as internal drive. then the USB kit / interface is broken / fail...
  2. There's missing info here. Do these drives work in the old computers?

    Data recovery companies take the HDD apart, which must be done very carefully in clean lab conditions using specialized tools. They then try to physically repair the drive.

    If these "other machines" used a different file system, for instance, then "Windows" (again, not enough data) might not be able to read them.
  3. Data recovery companies take the HDD apart and read the content of the platters with special hardware in cleanrooms. That's why it's so expensive.
  4. yes don't try to fix it yourself.

    It to much trouble than the benefit, if there dust enter the HDD it could screch the plate or damage the head make the HDD unuseable / Fail.
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