How would perform the Asus HD 4890 on this rezolution???

i dont know what graphics card should i buy for..... majority gaming and video editing... i can choose between gts 250, Hd 5770, and the HD 4890, the price difference is very low between them.... I have a 19" monitor with a maximum rezolution of 1280x1024 and i dont know what to do!!! rest of the system... planning to buy a Phenom 940, 4 gb ram, a mobo that could support all this (NO CROSSFIREX,SLI), and i need help! and forgive my spelling errors (im from Spain). thanks
Games i want to play:
Crysis, GTA 4 (mostly), Dirt2, Farcry 2 and the actual games on the market
NO DIRECTX 11 interest..... at all...
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  1. 4890 is the strongest of all, but there is no much difference between them.
  2. As you are not bothered about DX11 or other features then just go on price between the 5770 and the 4890.
    I would suggest you get the 5770 though as its the newer tech and as such will serve you better for longer.

  3. no directx 11 interest AT ALL = 4890.. has most grunt power..
  4. For your resolution, GTS 250/HD5750 would be a perfect card for you...
    No need to go with HD4890, you're just wasting your money...
  5. For his resolution I'd choose a 5xxx card over the 4890 as the TDP of the 4890 is pretty substantial without a performance increase to justify the power.
  6. i have a 800w power supply waiting for this new PC :D i guess i´ll change my monitor but not so soon, maybe 7-8 months ¡, a year maybe... thank your for your replys! im doin some research but i still need help... thanks
  7. Another thing to take into account is that the Driver updates and improvements for newer games and games yet to be released will be targeted more towards the 5 series and will be relevant to the 5 series for longer than they will for the 4 series.

  8. 4890 performs equal to a 5830.

    It is about 20% more powerful than a 5770/4870/GTX260. It uses about the same amount/slightly more power as the 4870 or GTX260 while the 5770 is the most energy efficient out of all of them.
  9. The 4890 would be overkill at that res, the 5770 would be the best choice IMO.
  10. hey thank you a lot !!! so quick! at the next day... al replys thanks alot!! i think i would go with the XFX HD 5770.... is a good card
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