Iomega harddrive does not appear

My harddrive was working fine until just yesterday, however today it has stopped showing up on my computer. When I plug in the USB the hard drive lights up and emits one beep. I've tried it out on 3 different computers, all the same results.

I live in the Northern Mariana Islands so it would be really hard for me to get tech support from Iomega (although I do plan to call them as soon as they're open)... If anyone can give me advice about what I can do to fix this situation I would be really thankful...
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  1. If you are lucky it's just the external box that is bad and the drive inside is OK. First, is there an optional external power supply available for this? If yes, get it and try it with that. If it's only a USB cable, buy one with a dual connection so you can use two USB ports for power. If that fails, crack open the case (if it's out of warranty), remove the drive and either install it directly into a computer or buy a new USB enclosure for it. If the issue is not with the hard-drive, that will get you working.
  2. Thank you very much I will try everything.
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