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ok so i am in the philippines and brought a desktop computer with me i was tired and wired and foggy from my 17 hour trip and made the mistake of hooking up my PC and not realizing i was on 220 and not flipping the switch on my power supply, needless to say it popped. My question is: before i get a new power supply, (which is case specific with this HP small form factor PC), did i fry any other component in the PC like the CPU, MB, RAM or HDD? I've never dealt with this before so i am unclear as to how far the shock will go through the compnents.
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  1. It is impossible to tell until you have it hooked up to a working PSU. If I had to guess though it might have escaped damage. You could test with a ATX PSU out side your enclosure before buying the special one.
  2. Depends on the PSU, since that switch controls a voltage doubler circuit you probably blew out the primary side rather than the secondary, hopefully the coils and transformers kept any spikes from getting through to the secondary but like rolli said you need to get a good PSU hooked up to it to start testing things to see if it still works.
  3. thanks for the quick replies, i think i found access to another PSU, (Standard ATX), i will test it that way and see..thanks again for the replies!
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