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Question. I'm looking into building a new rig. I've pretty much decided on the core i7-2600k and the Asus Maximus IV Extreme mobo.
My question is this. The Maximum ram that the board supports is 32gig. It has 4 ram slots. and according to crucial. The maximum per slot is 4gb. There for the maximum of the mobo is 16. How can i get the 32gb of ram in it . I want to max it out if possible
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  1. Asus future-proofed the board for when non-ECC 8Gb sticks get into the market. Right now, the only 8Gb sticks I have ever seen are for servers.

    Max out at 16Gb and you will still have more than enough.
  2. That's what i figured but i wanted to ask the experts. I appreciate the reply.
  3. I'll echo the above .... cupla points about that board ....

    All those extra PCI-E slots will limit your CPU cooler choices. For example self contained water coolers like the Antec 620 / 920 Kuhlers and Corsair H50/H70, the radiators will hit the top GFX card in most cases. Same w/ big air coolers.

    Given the above, skip the tall RAM heat sinks which will give you other concerns. Since you obviously going w/ double or triple GFX cards, GFX not going to be your bottleneck .... so low CAS RAM will be of benefit.
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