SSD for a laptop for toshiba A665-S6057 satalitte

i would like to replace my current HDD with a
SSD at around 120gb to have win7 and a couple of games i play. i do not know what SATA mylatop is and if i need any brackets/adaptors ect. Also win7 is on a partition, so can i use my current OS with the new HDD or will i need to buy another copy. many thanks
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  1. anddoyou have any cheap recommendations? i was thinking somethign like this Kingston 120GB V+200 SSD
    - SATA-III Technology
    - Read 535MB/s Write 480MB/s
    - Max random 4K read/write = 85K/55K IOPS
    - 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    only £70
  2. Most SSD's are 2.5" which are the same size as a laptop HDD. Regardless of which version of SATA you have an SSD should work. It just may not be as fast as it could be. Which is still much faster than a spinning HDD. As for your OS, you should be able to install Win7 to it and just use the license key that is on your laptop for activation. You will need a Win7 install disk.
  3. I am partial to the Kingston Hyper-X 3k 120GB.

    555MB/s read and 510 MB/s write. Sata 3.0 (6Gb/s). They can be found in the US for about $60 - $70. Not sure whats available in Europe and at what price.
  4. thanks for your speedy replies and advice guys. i dont have a windows disk or anything. ive just created a win7 start-up and i am creating an image of my current harddrive on an external HDD via usb. willthis work? id hate to have to buy win7 again. thanks again
  5. actually i cant create an image, its keeps coming up with an error saying . cannot find missing file. so it lookslike imight have to buy windows7
  6. It would be possible to image to an external and back to the ssd. However, I always find it easier to just reinstall the OS and then copy your data back over.
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