Tritton AX51 PRO with sound card vs Logitech G35 without

Hey all,

So here is a bit of background info... I have just recently purchased the Creative Sound Blaster X-FI TITANIUM Fatality Champion Series sound card. I currently own a Logitech G35 headset (USB) as i did not have a sound card before hand.

Now the issue...

I cant figure out if it is better to just stick with my Logitech G-35 and return the sound card or to buy the Tritton AX 51 Pro, as it relies on your sound card. However, this headset is a TRUE 5.1 surround sound compared to the 7.1 (not true 7.1) that I have right now. Both headsets are dolby digital certified and have about the same in reviews. The only thing is that the Logitech G-35 constantly performs slightly higher than the Tritton AX51 PRO. This may be due to the sound card quality. Please help me figure this out!

Thanks in advance!

Here are the headsets and my sound card just in case.
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  1. The problem I always had with the Tritton series (I had the AX Pro, which are VERY simmilar to the 51's, paried with my trusty ASUS D2) was that its directional sensing left a bit to be desired; almost as if the speakers in the headset weren't placed right. Very good headset all around, but I actually prefer the G35's when it comes to anything gaming; its use of Dolby Virtual Headphone to get virtualized 7.1 is VERY well done.

    Still, the Tritton does come in with cleaner sounding audio, so anythign music/movie related, the Tritton is probably the better headset. Still, considering its meant for gaming, first and formost, I give the G35 the edge.
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