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Im building myself a new pc and one of my friends just offered me
to buy his 2x EVGA GTX460 Superclocked 1024MB Video Cards.

For the price he gives me its "an offer i cant refuse" :)

but now im stuck at what kind of processor i should buy not to bottleneck the videocards, will the AMD Phenom II x6 1090T do fine or do I need a "more expensive" intel processor?

I will be using this PC for gaming.

Thanks in Advance !, Hope to hear from you soon !
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  1. well whats your budget for the rest of the system? If you can fit in a better intel processor like an LGA 1366 based i7 then do it, if not a Phenom II X4 955 or i5 760 will do just as well(better than the 1090T) especially if you OC them.
  2. I dont know the first thing about overclocking so i'd prefer not to do this.
    I can afford to get an i7 but in general if i can spend less is always better :)
  3. You have better SLI solutions on Intel's side. Maybe socket 1156 I5 750/60 (less expensive than 1366)
    AMD's nvidia chip set boards (SLI support) are few and the chip sets getting old.
  4. i5 760 should be fine. That's what I would buy. $160 at frys right now.
  5. How about intel's i7 875k or would that be an overkill?
  6. Assuming you choose to go Intel for SLI support, an i5 750 will be fine. A socket 1366 solution will cost more, and deliver a few more FPS, but many judge it not worth the cost or the heat. YMMV.

    Performance comparisons:

    750 vs 1090t

    920 vs 1090t

    i5 750 $335 with this x8-x8 mobo

    i7 930 $485 with this x16-x16 mobo
  7. I760 combo $308 after MIR Great setup with the 2 x GTX460
  8. Will it be a big difference in video performance between x8-x8 or x16-x16 ?
  9. The answer seems to be not much when it counts (eg minimum frame rates). Findings seem to show that when you can generate a high enough frame rate to "bottleneck" x8-x8, your framerate is so high the lost frames don't matter.

    This article shows a test using a 4.0GHz 920 (to minimize cpu issues) and 2x480s (to provide "ample" gpu power). The mobo allowed choice of "bandwidth", ie, x16-x16, x8-x8, x16-x4. The results are interesting, but no one that I've seen has done the direct 920 vs 750, 2x460 , 1920 resolution comparison.,2696-16.html

    (The link is mid-article. This is one article where reading the entire thing, and the conclusion of course, may be needed for context.)
  10. One more thing please dont laugh if its a stupid question :p

    I checked on Intell's website for the information on i5 760 it says for PCI Express configurations it can only do 1x16 or 2x8.

    What if I would put it on a mobo such as which supports 2x16 would this make the CPU also support it?
  11. For i5 750, you have to get a P55 (LGA1156) board, which supports SLI/CF in 8x/8x mode. With the X58 (LGA1366) boards you can do a 16x/16x SLI/CF. But there is not much of a performance hit in there. So, no problem.
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    Those boards use an NF200 to provide the extra "lanes". Tom's reviewed them in this article:,2537-11.html

    But if you're going to spend that much money on a mobo just to SLI at x16-x16, might as well go i930 instead.
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  14. Thanks for all the help :)
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