Bsod :(

Hey guys !

Here's my config :
i5 750
2x2gb 2000mhz ddr3
640 g hdd
saphire 5850
antec 750 truepower

Everytime I open my computer, it bsod 3-4 times ( it glitch right after I enter my password to log on)and then somehow after a few bsod it normally starts and windows recover from previous crash

I tried reinstall windows 7, problem still there. SMART says hdd is OK (2 month old HDD)
I tried occt (I'm at 3.6ghz) temps are normal and vcore is 1.26. Runned 17 hours without any hitch.
I tried memtest+ : 17 succesful passes.
I don't know what to test now. What is wrong with my computer ! HELPPPPP MEEE :)
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  1. Adjust the ram manually voltage and timings, try even down clocking the ram, try getting a stable pc at stock speeds, after that then tune it up. Might need vcore, get it solid at stock 1st.
  2. when windows is open, occt runs flawlessly... even at 4.0 ddr3 2000mhz...

    I,ll try tomorrow ! thanks for the reply !
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