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I am planing to build new PC and need to know what shall i get...thanks for helping.


Rampage III Extreme

Rampage III Black Edition

EVGA X58 Classified3
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  1. can some advies pls.
  2. If it's killing you to keep holding on to the money, then the Rampage III Black Edition with a i7-980x is still king.

    If you want the best bank for buck get the P8P67 DELUXE with a 2600k

  3. thanx, what about classi3?
  4. You will not get nearly the performance out of that AMD board as either of the above.
    Not that it's a bad board, it's not. But with the AM3+ boards due in a couple months, I honestly cannot think of any reason to buy an AMD MB at this time.
  5. but classi is Intel Socket 1366 i am not fan of AMD.
  6. "classi" is too ambiguous to have definitive meaning then.
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