CPU's logo and number of ram showed then system halted

I bought a used motherboard from eBay. But when I turn on the PC, it only shows the CPU's logo and number of ram, then the system halted. What is the problem?

p.s. I tried different CPU and ram but the result are the same.
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  1. The previous owner may have left the BIOS set.
    Clear CMOS and try again.
  2. I did clear the RTC RAM setting in CMOS.
    it only shows the CPU's logo and number of ram then stop.
    I want to get the BIOS menu and load setup default but no chance to do so.
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    Disconnect everything from the motherboard (HD, DVD, Audio, USB, etc.) except: CPU and it's fan, ONE stick of RAM, and video card (if there), boot.
    If it doesn't boot
    AND, you are certain there are no metal standoffs behind the MB leftover from the previous installation - this happens quite often.
    Then the MB is almost certainly bad.
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