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im thinking of upgrading my 965 Be 3.4 to a intel from what i've gathered they are better at gaming. My PC is strictly for gaming so whats a good cpu and intel board im currently using 4gig ddr3 corsair 1600 i belive it is. I have a evga 480gtx standard. windows7 antec 750w 80+ psu. i'd rather not oc anything. I live in dallas so we have microcenter and frys so i will prolly just buy there instead of dealing with online, but a good deal is a good deal i will take it even if online. thanks for any input or ideas 8)
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  1. Are you struggling to play anything with the 965?
  2. 965BE is decent enough to play games released today. If you want to upgrade better wait till Jan when Sandy Bridge come out. Your rig is pretty powerful enough to handle anything that is thrown at it.
  3. Your CPU is great for gaming. You can OC that CPU to 4 GHz in like 5 seconds. But send it this way if you "upgrade".
  4. Yes the PII X4 965 is a great CPU for gaming, if you want more performance simply OC it, this CPU is a very good overclocker.

    At least wait for the new Sandy Bridge CPU's to upgrade. Anything less will be just a waste of money.
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