Asus Mobo slow booting- better choice?

I upgraded form the Asus A8n-sli D (dual core) to Asus M4A79T D BE 555 Quad
Both builds worked ok however I noticed the newer AM3 board
was a real slow boot up - ie 1.5 minutes plus.
Called Asus - they said that is due to the initialization of the cores and other board related activists, 20-30 seconds is just not possible. You will always notice a slower boot as you increase number of cores.

The AM3 board approximately matched my 939 Board for "general" performance
(no gaming) MS word, Firefox etc
I am using XP pro Sp2. - (have WIn7 but did not see a speed difference. )

So I went back to the 939 with a FX-60 OC chip and it works great but as always would like a little more speed. I'm only at 2.8 Mhz stable. OCZ memory 2-2 etc
I have a 20 second tweaked boot up on the 939 board (A8n-sli), and it responds fast.

I have read an article by Microsoft that they have built a 20 or 30 second boot machine using Win7 and the intel cpu - ie believe dual or quad cores, and a Gigabyte board. (Maximum pc)
Until readying this I did not think this was possible.

Is there a fast(er) booting AMD motherboard or Intel motherboard that you can recommend?
I prefer that AMD series, and what cpu model? OS/
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  1. That is a crap answer from ASUS! Go into BIOS disable quiet booting (think it is called that) and find out what it is hanging on. Here is a old but good BIOS article,1200.html
  2. I thought it was an lacking response also.

    but there are so many Quad core users complaining about slow and sluggish boot and performance it did make sense.

    Let me ask..Are there Quad core Asus M4A79T D mobo users with fast boot (ie less than a minute) and quick performance??
    Thanks again
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