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E8400 or Q8400

Need help in deciding on which one to choose.

2nd hand Q8400 or E8400 are available as of now, the Q is at $135 and the E is at $90.

Most of the forums posted I read are a year or 2yrs old, and most answers are in favor of the E8400

I am Upgrading from E5300 which ill also be selling at $45 bcoz I am preparing for my Upgrade of

Video Card from 8800GT Sonic to GTX460 or HD5770 which im concerned that will bottleneck with my

E5300 when not OC'ed.

My Options are:

1.) Purchase Q8400 and purchase GTX460 by December.

2.) Purchase GTX 460 and OC my E5300 to 3.5Ghz using my 500watts PSU.

3.) Purchase E8400 and 5770 bcoz 5770 is cheaper compared to GTX460.

Which one is the best choice? This is my 3rd Question for the Community

I have no budget for Upgrade to CORE i Series so I'll stay with my 775.

My RIG is:

Asus P5Q
Intel E5300
Corsair 4x1GB
Silverstone ST50F 500
Samsung P2250 1920x1080

Thank You Peeps.
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  1. Option 4) Purchase GTX460, overclock the E5300 to 3.5GHz and purchase Q8400 by December.
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    If you can get an E8400 for $90 then go for it. With decent cooling it will easily go to 3.6 on stock voltage and over 4ghz with a slight bump. I am still quite happy with mine even on games that can use more than 2 cores like Dragon Age I get 75FPS+ with my E8400/GTX460 1 GB combo. A Q8400 will not overclock anywhere close to that.
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  5. Tnx for the info guys... Im getting the E8400 2nite... hehehe... maybe ill get the gtx460 by december... Tnx to all... ;)
  6. I agree I had an E8400 and it was an overclocking monster, with water I got to 4.6ghz prime stable with a single GTX 275 and had a 3dmark06 total score of 19676 and a CPU score of 4276. E8400 all the way.
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