Any problems with my build before I go ahead and buy it?

ok, here's my idea, after about a month of spare time put into researching I have pretty much decided on the following

x4 965 BE


hoping for a hd 5870/5850 of some description

and either this,
or this

lemme know if the links don't work

I already have a Spinpoint F3 7200rpm 1TB and a viewsonic 24 inch

any problems with the system? I am going with the am2+ motherboard because it takes ddr2 ram and I am led to believe the difference in the ht bus speed won't be a huge factor

guess I just want to know if there are any problems with the system, any major bottlenecks etc? it will be used mainly for gaming but playing blueray disks from the coughhddcough would be nice too. I'm studying to be a network engineer so can't think of anything else very demanding that it will be asked to do, just office really maybe visual studio too.

my current sytem is a 1.8 p4 with mx4000 pci card and other era appropriate components so as you can see it's been a while since I built a pc....
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  1. The links work although I'd choose an AM3 board or one that's not based on the 740G chipset at least, 740G is actually AM2, and has a lot less features. The difference in HT bus between AM2 and AM3 may be noticeable. If you want DDR2, you'll have to use an AM2+ board, which may require a BIOS update before it will support the Phenom II X4 965.

    For the RAM I would go with the G.SKILL PI kit.
  2. so what chipsets do I need to be looking out for? is am2+ and x4 965 going to a pain in the ass and just not worth it? should I just bite the bullet and go for the ddr3? I'm just liking the idea of saving a hundred or so and putting it into a video card or other
  3. i have MA74GM-S2 but when you put x4 965 BE in this board your board loss alot of it bus
  4. 1. 955BE instead of 965BE
    2. Hmm u specified DDR2 RAMs: unless u already have DDR2 on hand i would definitely go AM3/DDR3 and have a look at AM3 760G/SB710 mobos (sometimes called 780LE)
    3. Decent 80+ certified PSU in the mix?
  5. kk, so something like this?
    I still like the idea of the am2+ setup cause it nets only slightly less performance for a hundred less or so... if I do go ddr3 way however it could mean the next lot of processors are compatible with mine couldn't it?
    what kind of ram would you recommend for a setup like this considering I don't really plan to overclock?
  6. ^ Yes, according to AMD's roadmap it seems that AM3 will have Bulldozer (next gen. AMD CPUs) support, most likely with BIOS updates later on. If you're not overclocking, DDR3 1333 MHz is good, CL7 preferably. This is the best I could find, on Pricespy, 1600 MHz CL8 which is good enough, this G.SKILL Ripjaws kit costs around $200.
  7. so kingston valueram probably not the way to go?
  8. Actually as far as value DDR3 RAMS, KVR has been very rock stable with any/all AM3 mobos i have built with for peeps so far so it's a good choice for stock users just wanting slot and forget solutions hehe
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