Why does my XP machine on an AMD duel core outperform...

My AMD Phenom Quad core on an almost identical machine? It's bugging me...a lot.
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  1. Oh--almost forgot--I'm running the duel on an M2N68-VM and the quad on an M3N78-VM.
  2. My quad is lagging like a fat man on a marathon.
  3. Need more info Dual can be running 3.0+GHz and quad at 2.0GHz.
  4. Oh, and what benchmarking software do you recommend? I haven't ever needed it before?
  5. Yeah--duel is running at 3.0 and quad is running at 2.5. Is that enough to see a big difference?
  6. I think they were both black box. I think the duel was rated at 7550 and the quad at 9550?
  7. Running Belarc on both so I can be more precise. Be back in a second.
  8. In single threaded applications between the two you listed the Dual is always going to be faster because of clock speed.
  9. OK-duel is an AMD 2.7 Athlon 7750 Dual-Core, 256kb primary cache, 512kb secondary cache. Quad is a 2.5 Phenom 9850B Quad Core, 512kb primary memory cache, 2048 kb secondary memory cache, 2048 kb tertiary memory cache. Both are 64-bit ready and neither is hyperthreaded.
  10. On a task that does not make use of more then one core, assuming both CPU's have the same IPC, the faster clocked CPU will always be faster.
  11. Thanks for all your help, folks. I got it figured out and learned about single-thread and mult-thread operations. It was informative and a worthwhile conversation. Thought I'd post a follow-up to thank you folks and hopefully help somebody else with any similar issues.

    First, I wasn't talking milliseconds on near-simultaneous executes--I was talking ten seconds or more. It didn't make any sense. I noticed that I kept getting a message about the ASUS Express Gate not being installed completely (or configured correctly--I don't remember which). But I started thinking that maybe something had been screwed up out of the box since this was a preinstalled product. I checked the BIOS and it was the right version, but something just didn't add up, so I flashed the BIOS. WHAM! It kicked in the second I rebooted. All of a sudden it saw 1920MB of memory where it'd just seen 1530MB before. Everything went to work as I thought it should have from the beginning.

    Hope this helps anybody else that might have the same issue. Again, it was an ASUS M3N78-VM. And again, thanks for all your tips and advice. Would still like a good benchmarking program if any of you have any suggestions.
  12. gamerk316 said:
    On a task that does not make use of more then one core, assuming both CPU's have the same IPC, the faster clocked CPU will always be faster.

    Not always true - a 2.66GHZ Core i7 is faster in single-threaded applications than a 2.8GHZ Pentium IV. But in similar/identical architectures like these, it is.
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