GTA IV: i5 750 or phenom II 1055t?

I'm sure there have been similar threads and I have done some trawling but nothing that answers my question directly has popped up.

I'm currently on a c2d e6600 with a 9800gtx 512 gpu running on vista ultimate 32bit.

Pretty much the only demanding thing I do these days is play GTA IV, apart from occasional video/audio encoding.

Apart from the question in the title, which graphics card should I hit up? The GTX460 1GB or an ATI at about the same price point? I'm only looking to get 1 GPU for now, and I know that if I went with an AMD mobo then SLI is gone for down the track....

Also, is it worth the upgrade to win7 ultimate 64bit? Bearing in mind that I live in Japan and I'd have to stick with ultimate and the upgrade costs about $220 here...

(p.s. I know that GTA IV is a poorly coded game, but I don't know what that means. I just know that I like it!! ;)
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  1. i think six core phenom will be better as ps3 and x360 both work with 6 threads (6 cores for ps3 and 3 cores each with 2 threads - 6 threads total for x360), and gta 4 is not poorly coded as i can play it with only 4670 at 1440x900 with the settings bars between 60-80 % with x3 710 phenom and i get 25-35 frames - it is just coded for multithreaded systems like the x360 and ps3.
  2. both cpus wont have any problems in handling this game.

    Still I think that for GtaIV the phenom could be better but it's ceartanly the worse gaming cpu for 95% of all games
  3. both processors are more than good enough for GTA IV

    if you will overclock the Core i5 750 will be faster while consuming less power

    if you will not overclock the Phenom II X6 1055T is faster than Core i5 750

    or if you want to save money and want to overclock

    get the Core i3 530 instead, it will be faster than any Phenom II X4 while delivering amazing power consumption and amazing performance especially on games
  4. niceguyjin said:
    Pretty much the only demanding thing I do these days is play GTA IV, apart from occasional video/audio encoding.
    Not an easy call. Neither one is a slam dunk over the other. Here are a range of CPU benchmarks comparing the i5 750 and X6 1055T
    Maybe a nod going to the X6 1055T for it's AM3 upgrade path. i5 750 vs X4 965.
    Also take a hard look at the X4 965 if you want to narrow the gaming gap some. That reason for that is the fast 3.4Ghz clock speed and the lack of scaling going above 4 (or above even 2 cores for that matter) shown in this core scaling testing over @ BitTech: How many CPU cores do games need?
    (They're using Intel CPU but the concept is the same for all quad and hex core CPUs)

    Like erdinger says - either one will be a nice upgrade for you.
    i5 750 vs C2D E6600 (using E6550 2.33Ghz as best available comparison)
  5. Thanks to all so far. All good stuff :)
    @dualblade thanks for the info re coding. didn't know that and had just seen lots of hating around the place.
    @erdinger yep the i5 looks better across the board but as wr2 says, am3 has a future...
    @raclimja i kinda semi screwed my system with ocing recently, hence the upgrade. I will def try again but only in baby steps
    @wr2 real good stuff, thanks. didn't know about that bench site. I read the article and I might go with the x4 965be and throw the extra few yen at a better ati card...
  6. Or an aftermarket CPU cooler... for a bit better overclocking ability.
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