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I've spent many, many trying to find the solution to this problem, most forums that contain the question trail on and on about the same steps and eventually it seems that everyone involved gets fed up or forgets about it and nothing ever gets answered. I'm a fairly advanced in Windows XP, but this one has me stumped hard. The wireless icon in the taskbar says "One or more wireless networks were detected" etc., and as soon as you try to view the list of connections, it says "No wireless networks were found within range" and upon clicking "refresh network list," it instantaneously says, again, "No wireless networks were found within range." I've updated, rolled-back, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers; I've performed every conceivable operation in the device manager concerning the wireless and networking adapters; fiddled with the Wireless Zero service; and turned the wireless switch on the laptop off and on. I've tried NetStumbler with limited success, and it certainly isn't a complete solution. Any ideas?
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  1. From the sounds of things everything you have done is a software based solution? If this is the case it seems like you might have a hardware issue. It is possible that your wireless card went bad. You could easily test this if you have access to an external wireless card(For instance a usb wireless card). If you plug in the secondary wireless adapter and you are able to get network off of that then you might need to replace your wireless card.
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