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I currently own the Dell 170L tower and I was wondering if I can upgrade the CPU to a 3.2 gHz. I know that it uses a Socket 478 and I was wondering that if any socket 478 will work on this motherboard or will I only be able to upgrade upto 2.8 gHz? I currently have a Celeron 2.4 gHz processor since that's what this machine came with.
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  1. Heres another link to the motherboard I have.

    Eather way what is the best processor I can upgrade to on this motherboard?

    Thank You
  2. Here is a link to a recent forum thread on this topic.
    Knowing your chipset is crucial.
  3. I don't have the sff version I have the actual full size tower. My psu uses a ATX type so it's a normal size.
  4. Btw are you saying that any SFF type systems aren't good? Are you sure that if I had the SFF version it would not last? just wondering
  5. Why - small budget!
    So the link for cpus on other thread (P4 3.06 HT 533) seem fine.
    I can only find references for 2.8 HT for this tower from Dell.
    Though their specs on support say it can handle 800mhz FSB with 1mb L2.
    I think safely you can go with a p4 3.06HT 533 as an upgrade.
    it is cheap also.
    Just remember to update your bios through dell support first!
    If you need advice on swapping CPU's start a new thread or even better search "beginners guide to cpu swapping" on google first.
    Also dell on their support site usually has service manual for tower that explains how to do swap. It is basic but shows specifics for your model.

    You see malmental that is how you help somebody instead of forcing your opinion down their throat.
    For twenty bucks OP has a P4 3.06 HT instead of a Celeron 2.4.
    Nice improvement for cheap.
    LMAO at "Computer Snobs"
  6. Yes and Yes.
    They should work with a BUT I havent seen the Dell 170l configured anywhere with them.
    BUT since we know it safely takes the 2.8 ht 533 fsb then I am 98 percent sure it will take the 3.06 ht.
    They were the same family of processors.
    Just make sure to do the BIOS upgrade from Dell support first!!! I cant stress that enough.
  7. I kinda wonder but does this mean that is you use the 3.06 gHz processor on the Dell it will have problems? Since you said you never seen that speed on any Dell 170L machines. I just want to make sure it will work since if it doesn't that would not be good. Was there a HT for a 2.8 gHz? since on Ebay I dont see any they are normal 2.8 gHz. Aren't these normal 2.8 gHz?

    But if you know forsure that the 3.06 will work then that would be great. But as I said I need to make sure it will work. Btw I did download the latest bios from Dell already. I always updates drivers and everything and even Windows XP updates.
  8. I was just wondering but if I wanted the fastest single core would it still be 3.06 gHz? just wondering. But eather way if the 3.06 gHz will work that is HT then I can save up and get it but just needed to make sure it will work that's all.

  9. If you look at this listing on ebay and hopefully the listing doesnt expire before you do you can see that they used a P4 3.2 HT.
    So it is fact that they had P4 HT up to 3.2ghz speeds.
    They are called northwood cores and usually are designated as P4 2.8C for example.
    According to Dell support they were configured to use 533 or 800 mhz.
    Though since you have 533mhz FSB I would personally stick with 533.
    Over the course of manafacture they could of used different revisions of motherboard part number meaning the different motheboards though essentially the same could have had different specifications regarding what the mobo could accept as a processor. (i am writing this at 1:47 am so i hope that made sense)
    It is alomst impossible to find out Dell Revision specs concerning motherboards.
    So what I am saying is that you need to make the decision yourself based on the facts presented to you through your research.
    Between both threads there is a ton of links.
    I can only say personally I would give P4 3.2 HT 533 FSB 512kb cache a try.They are out there.
    The intel processor part number is SL6PG.
    Ebay link :
    I am not recommending this particular seller it is just to show for an example.
    That is what I would buy but the decision is yours to make.
    I would feel bad if it didnt work but it is the chance you take doing something like this.
    I feel that there is a very good chance as long as you install cpu correctly that it will work.
    Look for the best return policy from whatever seller you choose along with best seller rating.
    Good luck it will be a nice improvement to go from 2.4 to 3.2 HT.
    If any of my posts seemed especially helpful please remember to pick as best answer if you see fit.
  10. this post has some really good info in it.
    Pay attention to the post about PCG's
    Dont post in that post LOL
  11. Well the one that was 3.06 gHz I found first was $33 with shipping price so it looks like it's cheaper and the one you showed me was around $40 with shipping. But eather way it seems like the cheaper one is also HT from the specs but it's from China so it will take a while to ship even it will be using air mail.

    Do you think I should get this one or the one you showed me?
  12. I just got this today and I hope that this will make my PC run faster than now. It will take 7 to 14 days to get here.
  13. Joe_Carr said:
    I just got this today and I hope that this will make my PC run faster than now. It will take 7 to 14 days to get here.

    That would be the one I would get.
    Good luck
    If you need help installing start a new thread
    Also a good PCI video card would be your next upgrade down the road.
    The nvidia FX5000 series and ati radeon 9000 series were the last of the pci cards if i got it right.
    They should be cheap.
    Dont pay over 20 bucks for one.
    Also if you liked one of my answers please pick as best answer if it helped
    Post back to this thread if install went alright.
    Best Wishes
    King SMP
  14. Well I was planning to save and buy the GeForce 9500 GT that has 1 GB since then that would be a great card. They have a PCI version for it. It's around $90 brand new at
  15. I think I might to first have to buy a PSU though. I currently have the 250 watts PSU that has 16A on +12V. I don't know if that's enough though. Some people say it will work though.
  16. Well your power supply is 480 watts and the card uses at least 400 so you are ok there.
    Though investing 100 bucks into a pci card doesnt make sense.
    Look for a decent used one like a FX 6000 series (6800gt preferred) or if they have it in a 7000 series or a ati 850 xt.
    You can find them used for around 30-40 bucks on craigslist and save your money for more memory or future computer.
    Just my opinion.
  17. Well come to think of it since my onboard video chip is using an AGP 8X bus does that mean that my onboard video is better than any PCI cards? Since if PCI is limited won't my onboard be alot better overall even if the GPU isn't maybe as good as a GeForce 9500 GT standard PCI card?

    I somereason think that I might actualy have the best video I can get since it uses AGP 8X. So if that's the case I can just save up for ram so I can get upto 2 GB.
  18. memory is always one of the best upgrades.
    Your right the psu is only 250w the 9500gt needs 400w no good
    Read wrong model specs
    save your money for ram.
    I will not be posting to this thread again since original question was answered.
    Good luck.
  19. Ok I just did find this but I wonder if I made a wrong buy on the type of CPU. I have found a Celeron D that is a 3.6 gHz processor. Right now I have the same Celeron D type processor but it's only 2.4 gHz. I did order the Pentium 4 3.06 gHz processor but it seems like the Celeron is faster since it has 3.6 gHz instead of 3.06. I found this on Ebay on this link. I did find there was such a thing as a 3.6 gHz from and I typed it on Ebay and found one for a good deal price.
  20. Or is Pentium 4 still better even it's not fast as the Celeron D that is 3.6 gHz? I assume that higher the number the faster it is overall. I would think 3.6 gHz will be overall faster then a 3.06 gHz overall though even if it doesn't have HT. I found out that the HT is useful if you do multitasking but if you don't you won't see a difference.
  21. Does anyone know if it's better to have the 3.6 gHz or the 3.06 gHz Pentium 4? I did order the Pentium 4 3.06 gHz last week though.
  22. Hyperthreading will give an AVERAGE of 10-30% more efficiency because it is keeping your processor busier.
    Remember that any OS is running many threads and processes so even if you are only running one user level application there is many running behind the scenes.
    With that said it is true that a 3.6 is faster in terms of pure speed but I would prefer the 3.06 HT P4 over a Celeron D 3.6.
    It has to do with instruction sets (built in mathematical functions in cpu) and cache memory (dedicated memory for cpu) which P4 is superior over Celeron D.
    Also there is a WAY better chance that the 3.06 will work with your mobo.
    You will be fine with P4 3.06.
    Bump up your memory to 2gb (do it cheap- ebay or craigslist-use everest to figure out what you have-post new thread if you need help)
    To ask your question from earlier I would rather have a seperate PCI video card (cheap nvidia 6000 or 7000 series or ATI 9000 series) than use onboard agp video.
    Please pick a best answer.
    Thank you
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