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I have 1TB Iomega external hard drive (with it's own power supply). It seems it no longer works. The light flashes constanly like it's trying to read the drive and I get a beep about every 30 seconds. I opened the case and I don't see any sata ports on the hard drive itself, so i was wondering how to connect it internally to get the files off (I only need to recover a small amount of data about 20gb max). Not sure if a recovery program will work as the comp does not recognize. The starnge thing is I never dropped the drive or anything, I moved about a month ago but made sure my hdd's were packed securely and placed in the car isntead of the moving truck btw the other 2 drives work just fine. also I noticed the usb cord isn't a snug fit on the hdd side not sure if this is the problem or not.

All help is greatly appreciated
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  1. When you say that the computer doesn't recognise your drive, do you see anything in Device Manager? Disk Management?

    Does the drive spin up?

    What is the model number on the label of the actual HDD (not the external case)?
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