Looking for a FAST computer

I need a computer, that is simply fast, its not for games. However it will be used to view CAD, MS office, web browsing, lots multi-tasking (dual or quad monitors) and bunch of applications opened at the same time and all of that must be fast and reliable.

I am open to either building it, or buying a pre-built. Budget is about $2000 not including monitors.

Thank you
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  1. You may want to follow the guildelines. They're in a link in my signature.

    CPU: i7-930 $290
    Mobo/PSU: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R and Cosair 750W Modular 80+ Silver $300 after rebate
    RAM: G.Skill Trident 3x2 GB 2000 mhz CAS Latency 9 $185
    GPU: The biggest nVidia Quaddro card you can afford, should be around $1,000. This is assuming your CAD programs use a lot of graphics power. If they don't downgrade this significantly and stick in a SSD or two.
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB $75
    Case: HAF 922 $90
    Optical: Cheap SATA DVD burner $20
    HSF: Sychte SCMG-2100 $35

    Total: $1,995
  2. Thanx for replying MadAdmiral,

    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: 2 weeks to month

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: viewing CAD(not designing), MS office, web browsing, multi-tasking with dual or quad monitors, having bunch of apps open at the same time

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speaker

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg.ca, ncix.com, anyother that you can recommend.

    PARTS PREFERENCES: doesn't matter

    OVERCLOCKING: most likely no

    MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080, 1920x1200

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I want to use SSD, but I've read that they slow down over time and the newer ones use TRIM command to prevent that. What exactly would i need to get this working?
  3. The do slow down over time, but it's not a massive amount. And there isn't much you can do to really stop this.

    Since you're in Canada, just take the parts listed and look up the prices on a different site. Use the GPU's budget as the variable.
  4. Hmm this was suggested to a dude over the email with similiar needs and you would be using the ATI Surroundview feature to run up to 4 displays via HD 4250 integrated + Radeon class GPU (HD 5550 in this case) Egg USA though hehe
  5. in my case what do you believe is the critical variable for speed? is it the HDD or CPU+Memory? and would 6core CPU would do any better than a quad-core?
  6. Yes for multi tasking a X6 helps ^^ For RAM u could always add more
  7. which SSD would you recommend? I think it should be around 240GB so i can run all the main applications off of it including OS.
  8. Whoa 240GB SSDs are gonna cost ya a small fortune so currently peeps just run OS and apps that are most frequently used to be housed in the SSD ^^ I'd look to hit a decently priced Sandforce based SSD hehe
  9. Getting 240 GB is going to cost you $700(ish). That's why I said I wouldn't look at SSDs yet. They're really expensive.
  10. yeah.... it is about $700 120 is half of that...maybe i'll go with 120GB instead.
    Should I go with AMD X6 or Core i7 920/930 ?
  11. http://www.jagatreview.com/2010/05/corsair-launches-60gb-120gb-and-240gb-force-series-solid-state-drives/
    The F60, F120, and F240 Force Series SSDs all support the maximum throughput specification of 285MB/s read and 275MB/s write. With no drop-off in performance when moving down to 60GB, the F60 is an ideal boot drive for a performance system, especially when combined with traditional spinning media for mass storage.

    With current pricing not many would look to SSDs as storage drives (rather boot/OS + very selective apps)
  12. Main apps will be MS Office, and CAD viewer rest i can run off of 2nd HDD.
  13. Which CPU should i go with? AMD X6 or Intel Core i7 920/930?
  14. It's a toss up. They're about equal overall, but vary from program to program. If a program makes good use of multiple cores, the X6 wins. If it makes better use of hyperthreading, the i7 wins. Try to find some benchmarks for the exact programs you use to see for sure.
  15. zer0net said:
    Main apps will be MS Office, and CAD viewer rest i can run off of 2nd HDD.

    Then a 60GB would serve u well Those who have actually used a SSD will never go back :lol:
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