Can a Duron 600 run with heatsink only (NO FAN)?

Hey guys, I have been out of the PC and overclocking work since about 2001. I am brand new to these forums and was hoping you all might be able help me out.

I have an old Abit KT7 raid motherboard along with an array of older processors to try out. I want to setup a dedicated media center PC but don't care too much for the fan noise. Is it possible with today's heatsinks that I could run this processor without a fan?
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  1. It is possible to run certain CPUs with passive cooling but I would make sure its a low powered chip.
  2. Also i am looking at this post and he says he wants to make a media center PC well just to point this out that no matter what CPU you put on that motherboard it will not be able to play HD Videos at all. The minimum system for playing HD video is a Pentium 4 @ 2.0Ghz and even that you will need a GPU to take some of the strain off the processor.
  3. Hey thanks for the replies guys. The reason that this had come up was that I had seen the intel atom chips running fanless, but am guessing theres more going on with that sort of chip. I'm pretty sure that chip could play HD as well, but your right about a duron 600, HD would probably end up choppy. So if I want to go silent with the pc, I would need either water cooling, maybe some sort of insulation like dynamat or possibly an intel atom?
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