NAS drive or External HDD for video editor

Hi gang, ive serched your forums and read as much as possible before asking this questions, but so far nothing seems to be coming from the video editor angle.

Basically i have a MacBook pro (2010, only firewire, no thunderbolt or USB 3) and im looking for more storage that i can use to access and work from. Ive looked for Firewire 800 external drives, but the prices are stupid, so im looking at other options.

I have worked from a Nas box before and seen it is probably work out cheaper to buy myself a NAS box and slowly fill it up with drives, however i have a few questions.

1) can i simply use it as a external drive, ie, connecting it via ethernet or even better firewire 800 and just drag and drop like a external drive
2) What would be the speeds i could look to achieve and could i use it for real time editing?
3) If not what other ways would you suggest? Like i said i wont be using it for portability.

I will be monitoring this posting so feel free to ask any questions!
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  1. Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    I'd go with the Ethernet NAS unit. Any computer on your network at home could use it, and if you have a WiFi access point, you could still use it.
    Another point to consider is that FireWire is disappearing, so over time supporting it may be more of a challenge. My latest high end ASUS MB doesn't even have a firewire connection port on it at all.

    Both will show up as storage devices, so you can drag n drop, copy and paste to either.
    Speeds - probably half of stated specs, (800 Mb/s firewire, 100 or 1000 Mb/s depending on your ethernet router). Divide by 8 for MB/s

    Other options: A USB external drive (USB 2.0 which you probably have on your MAC, half of 480Mb/s). Storage on the "cloud" is an option, but at this point not a very proven one.

    More portable external HDD's are prone to succumb to gravity also.

    My vote would be a nice NAS that would be in one location where it wouldn't have to be moved around or unplugged and plugged in all the time
  2. Hi, just reading over your answers, basically my budget is under £200 really, but i am semi professional (ie i do make money editing but not a lot....yet) Basically i work on quite a few projects and due to the dropping prices of cameras the file size is increasing so i need something to back up data and work from ideally.

    I already have a number of portable drives that i can use for moving stuff around one. The Graid is very over prices for what you are getting really and its just another portable drive.
  3. well, honestly, for that budget, you won't even get drives... so you have to be realistic

    Thecus makes excellent enclosures
  4. Wont even get drives? For £200? Can you explain what you mean?
  5. You will not get an enclosure filled with drives for the amount you want to spend - 200 GBP (at least not a respectable one) - do the math...

    the cheapest 1x1TB HDD (worth using for RAID) is about 60 GBP x 4= 240GBP just for drives

    you have to be realistic and spend more
  6. Who says i was gonna buy 4 at once and whats so bad about buying a 3TB internal drive for like £120. Or do i need to buy specific drives to use in NAS or RAID device?
  7. If it helps, I have recently purchased the following with 2x1TB drives set for RAID0 via an eSata connection:

    Then as a backup I use two external 2TB drives to secure my data which is composed of .CRW and HD Video Files.
  8. rm47 said:
    Who says i was gonna buy 4 at once and whats so bad about buying a 3TB internal drive for like £120...

    you said you don't want just another portable drive - which, I'm thinking, means you don't want Another Drive, regardless of the size - you want an enclosure that has at least 4 bays so that you can fill it with up to 16TB, you know, because you're a semi-professional and all

    and where are you gonna put a 3TB Internal Drive in a MacBook Pro? now you're talking about Just Replacing the single drive you have with a bigger one, which is not what your OP reads like, to me at least... especially since you mention a NAS BOX
  9. rm47 said:
    ...Or do i need to buy specific drives to use in NAS or RAID device?

    YES you should get drives rated to be used for RAID, if being put into an enclosure that will use a RAID architecture, which is what the box is intended to do in the first place - typically RAID 5 is used
  10. I mean cant i use a standard 3TB drive in a enclosure that has space for another 3 drives, but simply not fill them up yet?
  11. rm47 said:
    I mean cant i use a standard 3TB drive in a enclosure that has space for another 3 drives, but simply not fill them up yet?

    Typically No - you need a minimum number of drives in the unit, depending on the unit of course

    RAID 5 requires a min of 3 drives
  12. Hi again,

    First of all, you don't need RAID at all if this is just for backUp of data on your computer. And for sure you don't need RAID 0 for storage!
    If you are going to use this storage moving data off your computer for primary storage, then you could consider a mirrored RAID 1 setup requiring two HDD's.

    And personally I wouldn't purchase a 3 TB HDD at this point in time until there is a complete conversion of BIOS firmware to EFI firmware with GPT partitions. It's in transistion now. Would imagine you are using standard MRB partitions with your system which can't address more than 2.2TB on a physical disk.

    Storage needs to be stable and standard, not Fast or Fancy!
  13. Ah ok, lot of new information here, thank you for your input!

    I will be using it to edit off so will be needing constant access, i will look in to just getting another external drive for now and plan for something bigger in the future.
  14. I would say look into a windows home server build.
    With the price of a decent and reliable NAS being about the same if not more than a cheap pc theres no real point in going the NAS route imo.

    A cheap athlonII x2 processor, 2gb ecc ram, ecc capable motherbd (biostar or asus usually support ecc), cheap case and a 2tb hdd and all you need is Windows Home Server 2011 which is amazingly cheap and you will have yourself a fully expandable server. I now have 6 drives in mine, I got my drives back before the flooding that raised HDD pricing thru the roof... so I have under $500 total invested and have 12tb storage (6tb usable, 6 backup).
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