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Hi all,

My new Video Card, EVGA GTS 250 1GB Low Power, only needs one 6-Pin Aux Connector as apposed to my old 8800GTX which needs 2, I know this may sound like a stupid question but which one should I use, one of them comes straight from the PSU and has no other connectors but the 6-Pin Aux, the other one is connected to a chain of molex connectors, being an adapter with 2 molex to a 6-Pin Aux (only 5 are connected), so which onw to use, any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Xeo
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  1. Use the six pin PCI-e connector coming straight from the power supply, the power is more 'reliable'.
  2. Thanks very much, I will.

    @lmeow I noticed you have a SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB, I have just ordered one for my steam games, do you think they are very good?
  3. LMEOW is probably correct in his advice however it really depends upon whether or not the voltages supplied by the two connectors comes from separate rails. If they come from the same rail it doesn't matter.
  4. I think it's 2 seperate rails, but I have it plugged in now as I type this and I've even played a bit of Mass Effect 2 and no problems.
  5. It depends on the way the rails are setup for the PSU. But like Lmeow said, it's a better chance.
  6. Well it's apparently one of the fastest 1TB drives out there, beating the old SATA II VelociRaptor 300GB in some benchmarks on Guru3D IIRC. It was a lot faster than my old 5400 RPM IDE Seagate Barracuda, although that would probably be obvious, lol. It boots up in half a minute or so... not including the BIOS sequences which takes a really long time for some reason, and this is just using one core on the i7.
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