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hi im currently using an 8800 ultra as a physx card and a 480 gtx as my main card, im looking to maybe replace the ultra with a 280gtx that i have here because im not really experiencing any performance boost with the ultra doing Physx.what i really want to know is does the 280gtx draw anymore power than the ultra from my power supply, and would i see a performance gain with the 280 gtx over the ultra when using applications that use Physx.
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  1. The GTX 280 would use more power, based on the assumption that it requires one six pin and one eight pin power connector, while the Ultra only needs two six pin power connectors. In an EVGA GTX 275 Co-op PhysX Edition review, using a GTX 280 for PhysX instead of the GTS 250 which was on the same card as the GTX 275, only showed very little performance gains.
  2. thanks for the advice much apreciated, strange though you would have thought having a card dedicated to physx would have given you a massive boost in perfomance.
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