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one of my 8800gtx cards has gone bad. I have removoed it and the computer works fine. It is a Dell 710 quad 2.66. Is it worth it for game play and cost to replace it in a sli configuration. Or does one 796 card enough?
Thanks TA
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  1. You might struggle finding another 8800. It might be better to invest in a newer generation card, provided the rest of your system can keep up. Full system specs, please?
  2. ^+1, unless you go on eBay, although 8800 GTX in SLI would perform around the same as a GTX 285 I'd assume, and the closest equivalent to the GTX 285 would be the HD 5850, and that costs $300 or so on average IIRC.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    I agree with both posters above^
    8800GTX are rare to find and a single card that can replace them in terms of performance would be a HD 5850/GTX 470
  4. ^+3
    Agree with 3 posters above... :)
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