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Ok, so recently I have been having problems with my laptop. Whenever I shut it down, and then try to boot it back up, it fails to start and goes into windows recovery mode. If i hibernate it, I have no such problems with it. Obviously I no longer shut it down, but it is very prone to overheating and then I have to hold down the power button b/c the screen turns some color and the PC is unresponsive and makes lots of buzzingish noises. So I think there may be more damage than just the HDD, but that's b/c the overheating has gone to never when using the cooler even when gaming to sometimes it happening when streaming video.

My question in all this is does this sound like a failing HDD?
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  1. Hello,

    Could be the HDD failing, could be the CPU or Video card overheating.

    Did you mean the cooling fan in the laptop has quit working? That required attention before doing anything else.
    If it doesn't shut down properly, from overheating or a system crash, it may well go to the Recovery Environment as a way to help you identify the problem before rebooting.
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