How to turbo up Dell Studio 15 to 2 8Ghz


I recently (yesterday) bought a Dell Studio 15.
It has an i7 processor of 1.6Ghz. But i could be boost up to 2.8Ghz. But how?
The people from Dell said me they didn't knew and advised me to search on internet.
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  1. it should do it automatically under certain loads
  2. First off I have not been able to find a Dell Studio 15 with an I7 in it but I didn't look that hard. The I7's base clock of 1.6ghz will not get turbo unless whatever you are running taxes 1 or 2 cores then it will run at 2.8 ghz but this is all done automatically. You may be able to go into the bios and lock the multiplier at its turbo mode but I dont think that is possible on laptops.
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