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HELP.....WHich one would be better

I know This is not a very concise post but;
I cant decide between the:
Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 - Core i7-720QM - 4GB RAM - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730

MSI GX640-098US- Intel Core i5 M430- 4 GB RAM - ATI Mobility Radeon 5850

G51JX-X3 - Intel Core i5-430M - 4GB RAM - NVidia GTS 360M

This Question has probably been asked before but id appreciate all the help i can get.....Thank you

one more thing....i was thinking i could get the lenovo and then add an external gpu and up the graphic performance, but i didn't know how that they work like a SLI or CRossfire....or is it something different all together
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    MSI GX640 would the best for gaming,because HD 5850M performs significantly better than both GT 360M and HD 5730M.
    As for external GPU,i don't its possible to buy one and SLI/CF it with the laptop's VGA.
  2. The MSI GX640 would indeed be best for gaming...

    what is the purpose you are using this for?
  3. I am Looking to use it for School,Web surfing, and to put in some decent gaming hours in. :)
  4. then for good gaming performance I'd be looking at the MSI GX640 indeed. Will do the best job with games, everything else anything will run.
  5. Like i said,GX 640 is the best gaming notebook between them.
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