What happened to the Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3P-B3?

I've been looking on all the major sites and I have not been able to find this motherboard. What is the deal? Is it deactivated?

Could somebody please shine some light on this topic? Thank you :P
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  1. I bet that because of Intel's recall, it just has not been re-stocked yet. All sandybridge boards of all manufacturers were recalled because of bad Intel chips in them. The boards should be back in stock in a month or so, I'd guess. Maybe sooner or even longer???
  2. This board has the B3 suffix, so it was revision B3 then. So that can't be it
  3. has it for sale.

    According to Gigabyte, there is only rev 1.1 out.
  4. But for that price it is almost worth the upgrade to the UD4 board. In my opinion that is.
  5. Here's a GA-P67A-UD3-B3 for $137.99. Minus the "P." Don't know what the "P" stands for or what the difference is between the boards.
  6. Really there is no P as in UD3P, and I'm a owner of a P67A-UD3-B3. The other 2 are the PH67A-UD3-B3, and PH67-UD3-B3
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    Why not wait a 2 -> 3 weeks for the Z68 boards to show up.
    This is what I'm waiting on. Z= features of both H & P. Have other reason.
    Asus 11 may (Rumor)
    Gigabyte z68-ud7 out in select markets, so also on or about 11 may. This board is expensive so hope they also have th3 3/4/5 MBs out the same time.

    Added: There are 3 ver -UD3, UD3P, and UD3R. Diff beteen P and UD3 & UD3P,3815
    2nd PCi-e slot x4 vs x8
    2 vs 3 Sata III ports on back
    0 vs 1 1394a Port (firewire) on back
    A few more, but above is the more important diff.

    Avail may be due to a couple of reasons.
    (1) Popularity at this price point.
    (2) Manuf cut back in production to support ramp up for the Z series boards. Athough Gigabyte stated they where "NOT" going to discontinue the p67, you can bet that production will be cut and some models may "slowly" go off into the sunset.

    Yes, there is a UD3P board.

    I want the UD3P board due to the Black color. I won't SLi or Crossfire either, which is why I want it it over the UD4
  9. Hey guys sorry for such a stupid question but i just purchased the p67A-UD3P-B3 it wasnt the board i was ment to get but they were sold out of the other board. Im a bit worried now, i need it to SLI can this board do that no problem? sorry for such a stupid question im new to all this and motherboards are way above me! please let me know simple yes or no would be fine =)
  10. The two Pci-e x16 slots run at x16, and X4. Really need them running at x8, x8.
    I do not think any of the P67 MBs have a x16, x16 configuration.
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