Boot Problem/Strange/Tried everything*need expert help

So the issue I am having has really got me scratching my head. im running a ep45-ds3l mobo, e8400, 4gb ocz gold ram, 9800 gtx evga card.


When i power the computer on, my monitor flashes as if it has no connection being sent to the monitor. the computer loads, mouse lights up, you can hear it loading to windows. but still no connection to monitor.

My work around is that when the mouse loads, i ctrl alt del restart and then it loads to monitor at bios.

*side notes

My first set or ram was bad that i ran with for a year, i never noticed the problem till i upgraded to win 7 from xp, then i got constant bsod, ran memtest and failed. I replaced the ram and ran the test works perfect now, however still having same boot issues.

I also have been trying to OC my e8400 with settings done by someone with the exact same build. however when i get in windows and run a cpu speed test, its only showing 3.0, while with the same settings other people are getting 4.0.

At this point im looking to upgrade my computer and thinking of going to a q9550, however if the issue is with the motherboard i will be moving to i7 and just scrap all my memory to get ddr3.

This problem has haunted me since i built this computer. any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. no suggestions ?
  2. Well this could be a power supply issue, if it isn’t then it is most likely the motherboard, as I have spare power supplies to hand it would be the first thing that I would try.
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