Hey Folks,

I am having trouble relating the information in the Foxconn manual on RAM to what I have. I have 2.5GB of DDR2 6400 in one slot and 512MB DDR2 667 in another. One slot in each channel is free.

The PC came from the local IT 'expert' shop that way. The MOBO manual says:

'There are 4 240-pin slots with 1.8v for DDR2. These slots support 256Mb, 512Mb and 1Gb DDR2 technologies for x8 and x16 technologies....and support bandwidth of 7GBs using DDR2 667 in Dual-Channel interleavered mode'.

I am using the original BIOS.

Someone please tell me that things are not as badly messed up as I fear they are???

Thank you

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  1. For one...I have never heard a a single stick of ram being 2.5GB...
    Maybe post some screens of the system info...
    If you're going to run in dual channel mode you need to have 2 identicle sticks in slot 1 and 3 or 2 and 4....
    Is the pc running stable? If not what is your exact problem(s)?
  2. Sorry. my error. 2GB of 800 in one slot and 512MB 667 in another.

    System crashes or just locks up at least once a day.

    I have been given another 2GB stick which I can install - with a bit of luck!

    But I interpret the MoBo manual (shown in the original post) as saying only up to 1GB sticks of 667 are supported! Is that right?

    CPU-Z shows 2560MB running at 333.

    I have Windows XP.
    P4. 3.0GHz
    500GB HD
    GeForce 7600GT


  3. I believe that's correct as of the writing of that manual... however things change and that's why they issue BIOS updates too add improved features, cpu support and update the ram support. Also to note... your system does start up...so, the mobo is displaying the correct size of the 2 GB stick.
    If it didn't support it it would not have started at all....

    Now, about these crashes...are they random or do they happen when a certain game or app is run?
    Because it is sounding to me that it is in fact a ram thing...but I'll give you more after your response...JQ
  4. Thanks for that.

    Yes it always starts but the crash or freeze - at least 6 (NOW 7!) today - happen randomly.

    The RAM is clearly totally unbalanced on the 2 channels. However, CPU-Z identifies both the 2GB 800 and the 512MB 677 sticks (On the Memory tab, it shows as running on the slower 333MHz) So, like you, I assume that the MoBo supports both. But the manual says only up to 1gb and I have not updated the BIOS.

    I regret that I am simply becoming more confused.

    Do I just give up and get 4 x 1GB of 667? Or hang on to the 2GB 800 and buy a matching one? :(

  5. Well now that I know what you're talkin about...take one of the sticks out and run memtest 86+ for at least 4 to 6 passes..do the same for the other...
    My guess is that one of those sticks has a bad chip on it....
    If both pass, try run with the 2 GB stick for a while and see if you get any crashes...if ok then by all means get another of the same size and speed if you can..
  6. Thanks again JQ. Will do just as you say if I can find instructions on how to do the test :)

    BUT, an hour ago I got this from Foxconn: (I didn't think they were ever going to reply - that's why I asked the forum)

    'The mobo support Max MEM is 4GB,there are 4 slot .it mean each slot can supported max size is 1 GB.
    The four MEM must of the same size same frequency,same factory.
    You can use DDR2 533/667 frequency memory.
    Any other question please contact us feel freely.
    Best wishes
    Foxconn Technical Support.' :o

    English is a bit iffy but I get the very clear message. Forget the 2GB! Get 4 x 1GB.

    What now JQ?


  7. I see nowhere on the sites both Foxconn or the review sites I use that says you can't have 2 sticks of 2GB verses 4 sticks of 1GB. It only states that the board will only suppport up to 4GB total....
    So by all means try what I said earlier and see if any of those memory sticks are bad.
    You download memtest 86+ from here
    Burn it to a cd, once done reboot your computer with the cd in and it will start all by itself. Any bad memory locations will red flag and you'll know for sure if you have a bad stick...
  8. OK. Did the tests. No problems.

    But still locking up.

    I am now in a spot.

    Foxconn effectively tell me to get 4x1GB since they claim 1GB is the limit per slot.

    But CPU-Z reads the 2GB stick in one of the slots and Free RAM XP Pro - which I now have running on my task bar - shows that the full amount of RAM installed is being utilised. I have in excess of 2050MB free after start up.

    You think I should just bite the bullet and get another 2GB stick? If so, I presume is should be an exact match - an 800?

    Thanks again JQ. I would truly have been lost without your assistance.

  9. Try running with just the 2GB stick in and see if you get any crashes...
    The one item of interest on the memory page of the manual shows...for dual channel mode both banks must equal the same size and type... If bank 'A' has 2GB in it then bank 'B' must have the same amount.
    So try that for a day or two..if you run stable then your problem was related to having the different sized and type ram in the dual channel slots.
    Then I would safely say that a 2GB stick would be the solution.
  10. Thanks again.

    Foxconn also came back and said that the 2GB had not been 'validated' on that Mobo. But that I should test it myself and take it from there!! The mind boggles!

    I am going to go for an exact copy of the 2GB stick - even if it is too fast for the slot. Perhaps Foxconn will get another surprise when I find that not only will 2 x 2GB sticks work but that they will run at 800!!!

    Will let you know how it goes.


  11. Hi guys
    first post on here. Sorry if I'm gate crashing

    I've not built a system since 2003 and just picked a system running the same mobo as the OP , in addtion I have 4gb mem , and an ATI Radeon X800 series gpu, I'm running Win7 Utlimate.
    ( I wanted a cheap system to run WoW runs fine btw xD )

    My issue is for some reason Windows is only picking up 3.25 as usable out of 4.00GB.

    This Mobo does come with on graphics which I disable via BIOS and I've checked various settings via ATI Catalyst control settings , and I'm still no the wiser

    Any ideas please ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Regards Lug
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