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Hi all, looking for some feedback on selecting a new mid tower chassis, I'm looking at the "Thermaltake Armor A90" and the "Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced", both are about the same price so any feedback would be appreciated - thanks.
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    Actually i would look at how much the NZXT Hades and Cooler Master 922 are retailing where u at as well :P
    Hades review:
    So if you could buy a chassis that is easier to work in than the HAF 922, offers better air flow than most of the cases in the price range, and is well thought out for cable management and attractive to look at, why wouldn’t you? - I have seen the progression of quite a few of NZXT offerings and I have to say they hit the nail on the head with the Hades. Priced right in my opinion, you can find the Hades at Newegg for $79.99, with free shipping currently. All I can say to that is wow! This is one serious contender which falls below the price of most of the Hades main competitors.

    Just like its rival the CM 922, both are Hemlock HD 5970 ready btw ^^
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