Geforce GTS 250 fan speeds up display blank

I have just purchased a ZOTAC GeForce GTS 250 with the following specs: 1024 gddr3, HDCP, 2200 MHz Memory Clock, 738 MHz Core Clock... My System is:
Corsair 4 GB (2 GB X 2) RAM, Zotac MCP 780 Nvidia Chipped Motherboard with AMD X2 5000 Processor. The system is cased in a Coolermaster nvidia cab with a corsair 620 Watts Power supply.
OS: Vista 32 bit.
After installing the new card in the system, when the system booted to OS within 3 minutes, the fan started spinning at top speed and the display went blank. I tried restarting and going into BIOS, as soon as i was to reset my bios to optimal settings, the display went blank again with the same fan speed.. it is quite audible, the fan!. Please help. The cab is amply cooled with top exhaust, a rear fan, side fans that act as air intake.
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  1. Update your driver with the latest one from Nvidia's site...

    Try your card in different Computer, if the same problem exist after you updating the driver then you might got a bad card...
  2. thx for a speedy answer wa1! now i tried starting the computer without the card on the onboard to check if the card was at fault of the MoBo... even the Onboard graphics is giving the same problem. i am checking it with my old GeForce 8800 GT alphadog ed. and see what happens... also i will check the card with another system as u suggested and will update the thread.
  3. check the memory, download memtest86 and run it, as a option remove 1 stick of mem and see if it boots, then switch sticks and try again
  4. that was my 1st check i can confirm the ram sticks are fine :)
  5. can you restore the system to a earlier time?
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