Do I need my Mac Mini?

What's up, guys? Now that I'm trying to build my i7 machine, I want to get this money together ASAP by selling things that I will most likely never use.

1st on my list is an early-gen Mac Mini that was pre-Intel Processor.

1.25 Ghz PowerPC G4
and I think a 50 gb Hard Drive

I purchased this 2nd hand about a year ago and never found a use for it. So my question is; is there really any use for this old and slow of a machine at this point?

I love the MAC interface and OS, so I feel bad getting rid of this convenient little machine, but if I can get $250 out of it, that will pay for my new MoBo.

Let me know what you guys think, as I can't think of any reason to hold on to it!
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    Your Mac Mini is 100% crap since nothing in it can support your new i7; better off selling it but I will not be sure if it is worth $250. PowerPC is outdated to as far as 5-7 years.
  2. Thanks for the reply, dude! I threw it on eBay and for $175 for it. That will almost buy the new MoBo.

    But yeah, man, good call!
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