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Evening everyone,

I am having a bit of an issue with my graphics card and I can't figure it out, I believe the card may be failing but not for sure let me give you some information and then what i'm experiencing, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running an older card: Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT, 256MB, AGP

Anyway I have been playing my same game of choice (World of Warcraft) that i've been playing for over a year. Over the last few days I was having an issue where the screen would just go to pixels, the entire screen just different colored pixels and it would lock up not allowing me to do anything but manually reset the computer. After the first few times I took the side panel of the case off to examine the hardware of the computer and nearly blistered my hand when I touched the graphics card it was unbearably hot to the touch.

I installed Everest on the computer to monitor temperature and noticed as of late the following.

When not in a game:
CPU: Around 79 degrees F (26 C)
Motherboard: Around 60 degrees F (15.5 C)
GPU: Around 135-140 degrees F (57-60 C)

When in a game:
CPU: Around 101 degrees F (38 C)
Motherboard: Around 75 degrees F (24 C)
GPU: Around 160-175 degrees F (71-79 C)

Is the graphics card overheating and causing these issues? All fans in the computer are running just fine I even replaced 2 of them a few days ago there were starting to go out. Tonight the computer monitor went black and gave me the "no signal imput" as though it didn't even see the video card. These pixels appear or the screen blacks about 1 hour after booting the computer up.

I am at a lose I thought for sure the graphics card was overheating and going out even though the fan on the card still functions fine but others have said that the temperature its running at even in game doesn't seem to bad, please someone help me out, should I replace the graphics card?

Thank you for any help/advice

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  1. Try your card in another computer with AGP slot inside, if the same problem exist then your card is dying, and if that happened then it's a good time to replace it... :)
  2. The GeForce 6800 GT is a bit old and exhausted... I had a GeForce 7600 GT-something with 512 MB, and I didn't have any problems with it until my card couldn't preform my requirements so I replaced it with an ATI card. This was a result of 4 months with troubleshooting and no gaming :(
    But back to you question... I googled the 6800 GT and found pictures of a well equipped card with a great cooling system, so I wonder why your card has such a problem with cooling...

    I've had almost 4 graphic card, and I've had problems with them all... If your requirements to a computer is as low as I think, a new card won't cost too much. A GeForce 8xxx card or An ATI 4xxx card would to it I think. Make sure they have at least 512 MB...

    And if you know somebody with an extra card you could try it and see if it will work, do this first...
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