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OK, right now, I have a 250 GB HDD hard drive previously present in my CPU. Its partitioned into three disks:
Local Disk C: - 97.6 GB Local Disk D: - 67.6 GB Local Disk E: - 67.6 GB
Now, the problem is that my hard drive is full. I am going to buy a 1TB external hard drive for my cpu in two weeks. I am thinking of partitioning it into four disks ( 250 GB each ).
I am also thinking of merging my Local Disks C, D and E on my older hard disk into one 250 GB hard drive. I am planning to entirely format my previous hard drive and do a fresh install of windows.
So please help me with:

1. Partitioning 1 TB external hard drive into four 250 GB hard disks.

2. Merging C, D and E on my previous hard drive into one 250 GB hard disk. I currently have original Windows XP Professional installed in Local Disk D:

3. Advice on where to install fresh windows and how
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    I think you would be much better getting an internal hard drive. I could be wrong but when i did try installing windows on an external drive it didn't work correctly and kept getting blue screens. What you could do is move all your important data onto an external and re-install the OS on the existing internal hard drive.
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