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does anyone have any idea which cpu cooler would fit in the cooler master scout case without the need to remove side and top fans
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  1. cpu is a i7 920
  2. The top fan is fine, but you will run into a very tight fit (possibly interference) with the side fan. Is the side fan an add-on? I don't see it as factory standard.

    Here is the link for the Hyper 212 showing dimensions details -

    My system has the i7-920, Cooler Master HAF 932 case, Cooler Master V8 cooler. The Haf 932 has a side fan which just clears the V8 cooler by about 1/2"
  3. yes the side fan is an addon and i guess coolermaster n520 will fit without any obstructions as the 212+ is longer height wise
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    Yes, clearance-wise the N520 will fit. And I noticed good prices ($19.99) at the CM site on re-furbished N520 -
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