Unreliable nightmare SSD

I'm having a nightmare with my SSD and will never ever buy one again.

Spec: OCZ Vertex Plus 120Gb.

Problems: Corrupt files, blue screens on boot and boot failures (need to run Windows repair every 5th/6th reboot), read/write errors.

I have replaced and tested every other piece of hardware in the box (ASUS M5A87, AMD FX4100, 8GB Kingston RAM, CoolerMaster PSU, HD6770 Graphics) so it is definitely the SSD. I have run the system on a SATA disk for a month which works perfectly, only when I use the SSD do I get problems. It has been formatted and re-installed 6-7 times, same problems occur after a few weeks.

It has been back to the manufacturer who sent it back six weeks later in the same state claiming there was no problem with it.

SSD Life Pro reports 100% and excellent health.

Its driving me nuts, any suggestions before I throw it in the lake and go back to the SATA drive?
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  1. Buy a modern SSD.
    That is a first gen SSD, notoriously unreliable and degrades over time because of the lack of TRIM support.
  2. I think this is why OCZ released Vertex Plus R2 (read, revision 2). I think the original Vertex Plus had issues. But have you updated the firmware on the drive?
  3. I only bought it about a year ago, it can't be obsolete already?

    Not updated firmware yet, thanks for the suggestion, will give it a try.
  4. It's not obsolete, kind of an exaggeration. It won't be as fast as the latest gen SSDs but you're much much better off than with a HDD (as long as the SSD is working). If the firmware update doesn't work, I'd press OCZ to replace your drive with an R2. Hound them until they give up!
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