Problem: Q6600 and HD4870 (NFS)

I have a Q6600@3ghz, HD4870 512MB, 8 GB DDR800, catalyst v10.3.
I install Need For Speed Sheeft and in 720p and all in full without filters the fps from "15" to 90.
Why "15 fps" on HD4870???
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  1. Well the game isn't very well optimized,try downloading the latest patch for the game and also the latest drivers
  2. Yup, this game runs poorly, and even when running very well, just feels like a dodgy console port, or an emulated PS2 game. I played it on similar hardware this past spring (965BE + 4870 512mb) and I was greatly disappointed with how it performed. I have seen it run on stronger hardware, and it struggles. This was before any significant patches were released, so there is a chance that it might have been patched into a better showing since then.
  3. thanks guys, I'm going to try luck with a patch.
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