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im looking at the coolermaster haf x and the antex df 85 but im not sure about the cooler masters fan setup

the antec wins in front intake. (3)120mm compared to (1) 230mm
the antec wins in rear exhaust. (2)120mm compared to (1) 140mm

the CM wins in side intake. (1) 200mm compared to (1) 120mm
the CM wins in top exhaust. (2) 200mm compared to (2) 140mm

kinda looks like a tie to me but idk.

with CM only front intake at the bottom being blocked by all the hardrives (for me 2 hdd and 1 ssd) how much could it do

so i guess its down to whats more effective the antecs front intake or the CM side intake.
they both look equally cool to me but in different ways.
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  1. Don't waste money on either of those. I can think of at least five cases that are just as good and cheaper or better and the same price (starting with the cheapest: Antec 300 Illusion, Coolermaster 690, Antec 900/902, HAF 922, Coolermaster Cosmos).

    I'd go with either the HAF 922 (under half the price of the HAF X, yet almost nothing different) or the Antec 900/902 (the price on those seems to have changed significantly in the last few days, so watch them to see if the price falls).

    All you really need in the fan configuration is front fans at the bottom of the case and back fans at the top of the case. That's it.
  2. ^ +1 ...but are you only sticking to mid towers?
  3. Neither the HAF X or the Antec DF-85 are mid towers...
  4. :) i know - um i meant the later the HAF 922
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