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What about sticky on Sockets 478/LGA 775 upgrades?

I am a noobie to these forums.
Just a thought is that since I am always seeing posters asking about upgrading for socket 478 and socket lga775 that maybe
a sticky on each from our most knowledgeable experts would be a good idea.
I read the cpu buyers guide sticky and it doesnt answer those questions (actually recommends against upgrading them :cry: )
There seems to be enough people out there looking to do those upgrades and would save some threads.
I just wanted to see if anybody else thought this was a good idea?
Most Humbly Yours
King SMP
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    I am one of those who says that if you do have an S478 motherboard, it's time to do a real upgrade.

    And there just aren't many cost effective upgrades for LGA775. A Q9550 is what? Around $250 or occasionally $200 at microcenter. That will buy you an inexpensive AMD CPU and a pretty good motherboard. And you will have a much better system.

    The only time upgrading a Core2 system might make sense is if you have one of the older, slower chips. In that case, one of the E6000 or E7000 Wolfdales may make sense - if the motherboard supports it.

    Here's an earlier post that shows what I mean:
  2. I agree with you up to a certain point.
    There are people who are given or have had these systems who don't have the money to do a new system.
    Specifically I mean the S478 OEM boards.
    I really do not want to get into an argument about whether a S478 CPU is still useful or not.
    For many people with light duty needs it is fine. That is a humble opinion from an A+ tech who rebuilds/fixes/refurbishes and average of 5-10 towers a week for a living.
    If you dont agree you have that right.
    Right now you can get a highend S478 cpu for around 20-25 dollars or even cheaper and breathe some life into an older system.
    My point is to have a S478/LGA775 sticky so we can avoid repeats of the same thread.
    Every week I see at least one or two people asking.
    Me I am running a Dual Xeon S604 Prestonia 3.2 HT which is very close to the end of its life as main tower.
    I am saving up and waiting for tax refund for S1156 or maybe AMD Phenom since that seems best bang for buck for a 500 dollar project.
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