Going from Nvidia to ATI

Today I'm going to be upgrading to a 5750 from a DDR3 GT 240 and I wanted to nail down the details of installation and also get some advice on a concern I have.

Here are the steps I have thought out for installation.

1. Uninstall Nvidia display drivers from control panel ( I have a concern about this, see below)
2. Restart entering into safe mode
3. Clean remaining Nvidia drivers using DriverSweeper, shut down
4. Install 5750
5. Boot up, install ATI drivers, restart

If there's a problem with my steps or you have any suggestions please let me know. I've heard of many problems of switching brands and I'd like to try to avoid them if possible.

My concern about uninstalling Nvidia files from the control panel is because I have more then just the Nvidia Display Drivers. Here are the Nvidia programs I currently have listed.

Nvidia Display Control Panel
Nvidia Drivers
Nvidia Forceware Network Access Manager
Nvidia PhysX

Do I uninstall all of these or just Drivers or just a couple of these?

Thank you in advance for any and all help.
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  1. No your steps are correct,and uninstall the first 3 in the device manager,because for some games you need the PhysX software
  2. *thumbs up*

    You did your research, you should be fine.

    If you want to uninstall PhysX anyway, feel free, as any game that requires will include it in the install package anyhow, but it certainly can be left alone without concern.
  3. What is the MoBo,make sure you don't need any of those drivers for supporting the chipset features of an nV MoBo.

    The "Nvidia Forceware Network Access Manager" file is usually associated with an nV network controller that is using it to act as a software firewall.
  4. Hmm perhaps its better to leave the Network Access Manager intact then, considering it has nothing to do with display and hard telling what problems may present themselves once uninstalled?
  5. I have three options when I click Uninstall/change on the Nvidia Drivers under my control panel. I have:

    Nvidia Display Driver
    Nvidia Ethernet Driver Componenets
    Nvidia High Definite Audio Driver

    I just remove the Display Driver correct?
  6. plus 1 from me just for saying abandoning Nvidia to go to ATi lol.
  7. Thanks thats what I thought. I have Driver sweeper I'll use in safe mode to clean up.
  8. Quote:
    yep, installing that leaves you internet-less.
    Just uninstall "Nvidia Graphics driver" and the control panel, leave everything else alone.

    Are you sure ? what about lan drivers then ? if you uninstall the Nvidia Ethernet Driver Componenets,you lose your internet connection no matter if the lan drivers are installed ?
  9. I see,thanks for the info :)
  10. Sorry to be a complete newb again, this is probably a really stupid question. Please have mercy. But if you uninstall the GPU drivers and your monitor is plugged into your GPU DVI are you going to be able to see anything displayed in safe mode? Likewise, once new card is installed, how do you display to install the new drivers? I'm also thinking of a switch from Nvidia to ATI.
  11. lol asking is the best thing to do when you don't know something :) and its not anything stupid or anything.
    When you uninstall your VGA drivers,it actually uninstalls the Manufacturers driver,but since windows have a generic VGA driver,you are able to see everything on the display
  12. But my monitor is plugged into a DVI on the GPU card itself. As far as I can see I don't have any monitor plugs anywhere but on the GPU. Will Windows still display through the DVI with the native Windows drivers?
  13. OK - so that sounds cool. I have to follow your checklist then and everything should be alright. Thanks for that.
  14. You are welcome :)
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