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Help me clone Win7 HDD to SSD

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September 19, 2012 9:00:11 AM

Just bought and assembled this system-
Intel Core i7 3770
ASUS P8Z77-V Motherboard
G.Skill Ares16 GB PC RAM
Asus Nvdia GTX 670 graphics card
Seagate Barracuda 1 TB SATA 6.0 (ST1000DM003)

Then installed Windows 7 (64bit) and all programs & games on the HDD. Updated Windows 7 and all software. Everything was working fine. Now I have bought OCZ Vertex 4 - 256GB SSD. I did not want to install everything again on the SSD as my HDD install is fresh. So followed this guide to clone HDD to SSD -

Total space used up on HDD is 138 GB and cloning it to 256GB SSD.

Used EaseUS Parition Manager as per above guide to clone.

Now the SSD does not boot. When only SSD is connected I get message "Reboot & select proper boot device..."
When the HDD & SSD both are connected, system boots from HDD and then SSD can be seen as a drive with cloned data in Win7.

Please help me cloning my HDD to SSD.

SATA mode in BIOS is set to AHCI. Also edited registry to set "start" value to 0 in these registry keys-

In Boot menu in BIOS, in CSM Parameters "Boot from storage device" is set to "both, UEFI first"

Also tried "EZGig IV" but it says "No Apricorn drive found".

Is there a free tool to clone HDD to SSD and make it bootable?

More about : clone win7 hdd ssd

September 19, 2012 9:31:55 AM

Oh tried and solved it myself:) 

Connected both HDD & SSD. Booted from HDD. In "Disk Management" set SSD as "active". Then removed HDD and booted from SSD.

Got message "Boot Manager missing"
Booted from recovery DVD which I had made after everything was installed. Selected "repair starting problem" (don't remember exact words in the dialog box).
Booted from SSD and everything is alright now!

TRIM is enabled (0 output in "fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify" command)
Turned off defragmentation & indexing.

Now anything needed to further? Currently my page file is set to 16GB fixed. Needs any change?
September 19, 2012 12:43:38 PM

If you don't have a recovery DVD, you can run a registry utility - sispar v5 and then let EasyBCD deal with the rest to create a boot manager in your SSD.