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Help with new CPU plz

sup guys, right now i have 4 gigs of ram, an intel core 2 duo e7400 at 3.4Ghz, an corsair tx650w psu, and a hd 5850. do u think i should upgrade my cpu?? just to test it out, i ran a bench in Mafia II since it reccommends a quad core and my system averaged like 70 fps at 1680x1050 ress and said it ran without any significant problems. In crysis my cpu usage never goes above 75-80%. i think i have no problems with Metro 2033 because it says it reccomends a quad core or an 3Ghz or higher core 2 duo.

if i was going to upgrade i will have to change case and the mobo too, i was thinking on going with AMD. do u think an amd athlon ii x4 640 will do the trick with quad core games and the ones i have right now? its even cheaper than my core 2 duo when i bought it. or i should aim to something more expensive? im looking for the best bang for the buck, i dont wnt to spend all my money haha.

if you have an better idea or recommendation plz tell me, any comment will be appreciated =D

Thx guys
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    No apparent need to upgrade if you are satisfied with the current performance.. Hold onto your cash and wait for the Sandy Bridge CPU's to launch.. No matter how they turn out, they will cause the current line of CPUs to drop in prices making an upgrade more worthwhile..
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